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Here's to Helpful Herbs

Our bodies need inflammation to repair cells and fight disease, but inflammation can sometimes last too long, being harmful to our bodies and contributing to various diseases such as diabetes and cancer. 

Diet plays a large role in our overall health; we should aim to eat whole, nutritionally dense foods to optimize digestion, balance mood, and decrease inflammation. We can also use herbs to help with inflammation! Specific herbs, like ginger root, dandelion, and slippery elm have been shown to have many positive health effects. That’s why we include them all in both Bloat and Bloat Latte! Keep reading to learn more about these helpful herbs and how their beneficial effects help us and our bodies feeling our best. 

Ginger Root: 

Ginger has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to naturally treat numerous medical conditions including sickness, migraines, nausea, digestive relief, and high blood pressure. Several studies have found that ginger plays a key role in decreasing the gas formed in the digestive tract. The enzymes in ginger break up and expel this gas, ridding the body of abdominal pain and other unwelcome bloating symptoms. In addition, ginger has been found to increase movement through the digestive tract, aiding in decreasing constipation and providing digestive relief. 

An analysis of 16 studies including over 1,010 participants found that taking 1000-3000mg of ginger daily over a 4-12 week period significantly reduced inflammatory markers in the body—including C-reactive protein and tumor necrosis factor-alpha— as compared to placebo. Further studies have found that ginger’s phytochemical compounds may help to reduce joint pain and increase joint mobility by decreasing whole-body inflammation. 

Ginger can be enjoyed in various dishes, like stir-fries and homemade green juices. Our Bloat Alchemy Capsules and Bloat Latte also contain ginger, decreasing both bloat and inflammation, all at once. 


Dandelion is often used in naturopathic medicine to improve overall digestive health, including decreasing constipation. Dandelion root is rich in inulin, a prebiotic fiber that has been proven to promote the movement of food and waste through the digestive system, increasing regularity. 

Compounds in dandelion known as polyphenols are responsible for dandelion’s anti-inflammatory effects. A 2017 study found dandelion to be clinically beneficial in the prevention of vascular inflammatory and atherosclerosis, and a study done in mice found a significant reduction of lung inflammation in those that received dandelion.  

Slippery Elm: 

Slippery Elm’s most popular use is for the treatment of inflammation of the digestive tract by soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines, thereby reducing irritation and symptoms of inflammatory disease. By stimulating a reflux stimulation of the nerve endings in the stomach lining, slippery elm helps the body to increase mucous secretion, forming a protective coat against excessive acidity in the stomach and small intestine. Studies have shown that slippery elm may predominantly help to treat symptoms of IBS when supplemented orally, and more research is being conducted to discover slippery elm’s effects on Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 

Various naturopathic herbs have been found to have a holistic, positive effect on the body. At Arrae, we created both our Bloat Alchemy Capsules and Bloat Latte, focusing on including herbs beneficial in improving digestive health and included some that decrease overall inflammation. Take 2-3 capsules or sip on Bloat Latte to reap all their natural benefits, helping you to feel your absolute best.


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Serena Pratt

Serena Pratt

If you want to dig into treats like ice cream and cookies without feeling guilt or uncomfortable, try arrae alchemy capsules to deal with bloating and calm for mood and digestion support

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