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How does Heartburn by Arrae Work & Will It Work for Me?

It is estimated that approximately 20% of people living in the United States experience heartburn two or more times per week. Heartburn is caused by acid reflux, or the backup of stomach acid into the esophagus, and is one of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD is a chronic type of reflux that occurs more than just once in a while. According to a large study of 71, 812 participants out Cedars-Sinai, 44.1% reported experiencing GERD symptoms in the past and 30.9% reported symptoms in the last week. More than a third of the GERD sufferers said they were currently on therapy, mostly involving a type of medication called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Of those taking daily PPIs, 54.1% reported persistent GERD symptoms, suggesting that these medications are minimally effective.

Although proton-pump inhibitors have a relatively favorable safety profile, recent research has shown that there are significant risks with long term use including an increased rate of fractures, pneumonia, gastric infection, certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chronic kidney disease and dementia. 

Heartburn by Arrae is an all-natural product designed to decrease and prevent symptoms of GERD, including heartburn, without the risk of harmful side effects. Heartburn has been formulated with a variety of natural ingredients that work to effectively and safely prevent and stop the uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn and reflux. Let’s explore these ingredients and how they work.

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) has been well-studied to promote digestive comfort. The effectiveness of DGL has been shown to have strong results relative to over-the-counter antacid options. In particular, a 2018 observational study found that DGL was more effective than acid-suppressive drugs. Scientific investigation into the mechanism of DGL shows that it is an anti-spasmolytic (i.e., helps to relax the intestinal wall) to provide relief of indigestion symptoms, while it also repairs the mucosal lining of the digestive tract to promote its overall integrity. Gut Guard is a clinically researched, flavonoid-rich, natural bioactive for daily digestive health derived from the licorice plant and the standardized form of DGL used in Heartburn.

Marshmallow root and aloe vera extract are included in this formula due to their mucilaginous characteristics. Both herbs form what is called “mucilage” when consumed. Mucilage is a slippery substance that creates a soothing film over inflamed mucous membranes, including the esophagus. Historically, aloe vera and marshmallow root have been used to treat gastritis, peptic ulcers, reflux esophagitis, and inflammatory bowel disease because of their soothing, healing and demulcent qualities.

It is important to mention that aloe vera can also be used as an irritant laxative. The latex is the part of the aloe plant that causes its’ laxative effects. Not to worry, as this portion of the plant is not found in Heartburn. Heartburn contains gel from the outer portion of the aloe leaf and this gel is much more gentle then the latex-containing portion of the plant when consumed. The aloe in Heartburn will notcause you to frantically run to the restroom!

The next ingredient I would like to highlight is glycine. Glycine is an amino acid. Glycine promotes repair of damaged and stressed tissue and neutralizes acid, soothing the gastric mucosa.  

Alginic acid derivatives, or alginates, treat GERD via a unique mechanism. Alginates create a mechanical barrier that displaces the acid pocket that forms after meals. The acid pocket is an area of unbuffered gastric acid that accumulates in the top portion of the stomach after meals and can contribute to reflux. In the presence of gastric acid, alginates precipitate into a gel and form a raft that localizes to the acid pocket, providing protection from acid reflux.

The combination of zinc and carnosine creates a natural complex that serves to safely and effectively relieve chronic gastric distress and help restore stomach health and comfort. Zinc and carnosine have been shown to enhance healing of the stomach epithelial lining by inhibiting production of pro-inflammatory interlukin-8, and by preventing inflammatory white blood cells from sticking to epithelial cells, or the type of cells found in the esophagus.

The ingredients in Heartburn work together to synergistically prevent and stop acid reflux and heartburn. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, Heartburn by Arrae is non-habit forming and does not have any negative side effects associated with long term use. While Heartburn can be an effective alternative to prescription drugs, we recommend speaking with your physician before discontinuing your medication. If you suffer from uncomfortable digestive symptoms including heartburn and reflux than Heartburn by Arrae may be a great solution for you!


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Dr. Kelcie Harris

Dr. Kelcie Harris

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