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Lower your cortisol

This tranquil blend is your secret to more calm. 

Our Calm Alchemy Capsules are a blend of 4 herbs, minerals, and vitamins which help relax the body and mind. Be preventative when it comes to your digestion by lowering cortisol. Eating in an anxious state sends your body into fight or flight mode, which makes it harder for the body to digest food, resulting in bloat.

    Keep one calm and carry on
    Stay zen no matter where life takes you
    • Vegan   
    • Gluten Free   
    • Nut Free   
    • Kosher   
    • Filler Free   
    • Organic   
    • Non-GMO   

    Your All-Natural Chill Pill

    Directions: Take 1-3 Calm Alchemy Capsules whenever you’re feeling anxious. This can be during the day at work or at night for a restful, uninterrupted sleep.

    Simple formulations, no fillers

    4 Potent Ingredients
    & Nothing Else

    a pile of dehydrated green tea leaves


    for anxiety

    2 halves of a canteloupe


    for reducing panic

    A passionflower from top view with green leaves and purple tendrils


    for relaxation

    Magnesium salt

    Magnesium Bisglycinate

    for calm

    For More Zen, With No Drowsiness

    Our Calm formula is a mixture of herbs, minerals and vitamins that don’t come with the unpleasant side effects that can often be a deterrent. Together, the ingredients promote a state of calm by relaxing muscles, releasing tension, increasing calming chemical messengers in the brain and slowing down spiralling thoughts.

    Overall, not only is this great for the mind, but it's better for the body when it comes to digestion. When our bodies feel stress, we enter fight or flight mode, making digestion difficult. By lowering cortisol, the body is better able to put its energy into the digestive process.

    Our Calm Alchemy Capsules are great to take during any point in the day, whenever you feel like you need to chill out a little. They’re non-drowsy and gently relax the body and mind with no unpleasant side effects.

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