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Limited Edition Bundle

’Tis the Season to Feel Your Best

This holiday season, give the gift of good health with our limited edition set! Our 100% natural & filler-free Bloat + Calm Alchemy Capsules, along with a journal and holiday stickers makes caring for the body and mind easier and chicer than ever before.

Ships December 4th.

Treat yourself and feel good
Giving the gift of wellness to others
  • Save 15%
  • 45 Bloat Capsules
  • 45 Calm Capsules
  • Limited Edition Journal
  • Limited Edition Stickers

The Gift of Holistic Wellness

A wellness routine that gets you through the holiday seasons and beyond. OurBloat & Calm Alchemy Capsules work together to ensure holidays are food baby and stress-free, while our journal allows for a little self-care. Stickers are for good measure, because wellness routines should be fun and cheeky.We wanted to give you the freedom to eat what you want without any uncomfortable side effects. Whether that means a salad with brussel sprouts or a pizza.

Holistic, Effective & Chic

Good for the Body,
Good for the Mind

An icon of a tummy depicting prevents gas

For seamless digestion

Bloat Capsules target digestive issues and alleviate any discomfort

For a racing mind

Calm Capsules get rid of jitters and racing thoughts

For a new daily routine

This journal is a limited-edition surprise to integrate into your morning and evening routine

The Ultimate Wellness Set

Our Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules were created to holistically target digestion and anxiety. Digestion and anxiety are very closely linked, so our Bloat Capsules target digestion from every angle through the use of 5 herbs and a digestive enzyme; while our Calm Capsules soothe the body and mind through a non-drowsy blend of 4 herbs, minerals and vitamins.

This Holiday Season,
We’ve Made Gifting Easy

By adding in a journal to jot down thoughts in the morning or to simply take notes, along with limited-edition holiday stickers to make the gift-receiver smile. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, the gift of wellness is one that everyone deserves.