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Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why These Calm Capsules Will Change Your Life

Our Calm Alchemy Capsules are a blend of 4 herbs, minerals, and vitamins which help relax the body and mind. Be preventative when it comes to your digestion by lowering cortisol. Eating in an anxious state sends your body into fight or flight mode, which makes it harder for the body to digest food, resulting in bloat.

1. It Works in Under AN HOUR

Gone are the days of taking supplements over long periods of time to see a result. Our Calm Capsules ensure that you feel blissed out in under an hour through a combination of 4 herbs, minerals and vitamins.

2. 100% Natural and Filler-Free

Our Calm Capsules were formulated by a naturopathic doctor, using a combination of 4 herbs, minerals and vitamins, and without the use of fillers and additives.

3. It’s Non-Drowsy

Tired of calming products that also make you sleepy? So are we! We all have busy lives, so our Calm Capsules were designed to help you on a daily basis through the use of ingredients that are calming without the drowsy side effects. Say hello to feeling cool, calm and collected.

4. Calms the Body and Mind

Our blend of ingredients targets both the physiological and mental aspects of anxiety. Each ingredient has a different function, from releasing tension and relaxing muscles, to promoting calming messengers in the brain and reducing panic.

5. It has Hailey Bieber's Stamp of Approval

Hailey Bieberwasn’t wrong when she said she can’t travel without our products. Our Calm Capsules promote feelings of peacefulness and relaxation, which is especially useful for travel jitters!

I truly did not think Calm would be as good as Bloat but it truly is. Not only does it ease tensions I have with stomach pains but relaxes my entire body. I find that taking these after a stressful day of work also does wonders to calm the mind. I am so happy I pulled the trigger to invest in these and will be buying more soon!

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