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About the company that makes Arrae alchemy capsules

About Us

Meet The Founders

Arrae was founded by Siffat Haider and Nish Samantray, and formulated by Dr. Natalie Mulligan, with the vision to help women feel their best so they can be their best. We wanted to create a natural supplement which solved nagging everyday problems that slow us down and we didn’t want to compromise on quality or aesthetic. We couldn’t find anything on the market that delivered on its promises, so we did something about it. 

Who We Are

An all-natural wellness supplement with real results and zero woo. With accurate dosing, Arrae’s alchemy capsules solve everyday problems that women constantly deal with. You know what we mean - bloat, anxiety, etc. The stuff that comes up at every girl’s brunch. This is the wellness product for the millennial woman, who has a lot on her plate but doesn’t want to compromise on how she feels. We believe that when it comes to personal goals and peak health, you don’t have to make a choice, you can have both. 

For good reason, inflammation seems to be a hot topic these days. This is largely because after decades of research, wellness professionals are unveiling how systemic and extensive the effects of inflammation are on our health.
Were you ever told to “finish your veggies” or not to get up from the table until you “cleaned your plate?” Most of us were conditioned from an early age to follow external cues when it comes to food consumption. This discouraged our innate tendencies to be attuned to our bodies and to listen, quite literally, to our gut instincts. 
Now more than ever, it seems that stress is a part of everyone’s life. Whether dealing with health concerns, work demands, relationship or financial challenges, we are presented with scenarios that involuntarily elicit a stress response.