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We use Science-backed Ingredients to Holistically Solve Your Biggest Problems

We wanted to create products that would solve your biggest pain points. Because there are bigger things to worry about than what’ll make us gassy and uncomfortable or slow down our productivity. Because you deserve to feel your best, so you can be your best.⁣

Arrae bloat alchemy capsules are designed to help break down food, speed up dugestion, protect your organs and more so when you want to indulge in a pile of chocolate chip cookies, you can

Named Editor’s Choice: Up-and-Coming Beauty Brands 2020


Team Byrdie Tested (And Loves!) Arrae Bloat Supplements


"These natural alchemy capsules target common concerns such as anxiety and bloating, with ingredients you can actually pronounce."


“I own and love these, so I can personally attest to how effective they are when I’m not feeling my best”

- Anna Buckman, The Zoe Report

“These capsules really help lower cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress and helping to aid digestion."

- The Daily Mail

Life is complicated, remedies shouldn’t be

Formulas That Work, with No BS

Our supplements are formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor, with efficacy in mind, so you feel the effects of our formulas immediately.

Potent but Simple ingredients

You should never have to worry about what's going into your body.

Trusted by Naturopaths

Formulated by a Naturopathic doctor, and held to the highest standards.

Results you can feel immediately

You don't need repeated use to feel the effects of our products, we wanted to give you results fast.

Being Bloated Sucks

We Want You to Never Have to Pick Between The Food You Love and Feeling Your Best

Raves & Reviews

"I have had issues with digestion, bloating, pain and discomfort for years. Doctors have failed to offer a helpful diagnosis, yet Bloat offered me instant relief from the first time I tried it. Instant. Relief. No pain, no gas (my boyfriend is so grateful haha) and I look and feel great."

Dawn Gregory

Using Bloat

"I’ve struggled with insane bloating that is debilitating to the point where I would refrain from going out in public. Then I found Bloat. Even if I am not feeling so bloated I take one or two and feel lighter almost immediately"


Using Bloat

"With a busy life and working in live television I often find my anxieties are high rushing around, so Calm always sorts me out, I would say within 30 minutes I’m a new woman. Bloat I take before shows or on event days and I love them so much"


Using Calm

"I healed from Crohn’s 5 years ago through many different healing modalities. I’ve never felt better and still, something was missing- when I saw the Bloat formula I knew I had to try it and it’s been life changing. The missing piece has been found!"

Nina Endrst

Using Bloat

If you want to dig into treats like ice cream and cookies without feeling guilt or uncomfortable, try arrae alchemy capsules to deal with bloating and calm for mood and digestion support

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