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Clinical Results

Our 3rd Party Clinical Results Speak for Themselves

Our products target the many causes for bloating and improve stress levels by working synergistically through the gut-brain connection.

up to88%

IMPROVEMENT in severity of bloating symptoms*

“My experience was amazing! I noticed an incredible difference in the severity of my bloating issues with this product.”

Study participant

reported less IBS symptoms and gassiness*

“I did notice a change/reduction in my bloating, gas, and stress levels. I also really like how these supplements were organic and gluten free too!”

Study participant

experienced the effects within 1-2 hours*

“I honestly did not go into this study expecting these products to work as well as they did.  I am pleasantly surprised, especially at how well Bloat helped so quickly after meals.”

Study participant

Bloating Severity

Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint 2
Moderate severity
distracting severity
Figure 1.Bloating severity decrease after 8 weeks

clinical results


Of participants felt less stressed when taking Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules together*


Of participants felt less anxious after taking Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules together*


Of participants felt less bloated when taking our Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules*


Of participants reported less heartburn after taking Bloat for 4 weeks.

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Bloating Frequency

Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint 2
Several times a week
Nearly everyday
Figure 2.Bloating frequency decreased after 8 weeks

Our Goal is Simple: Create Natural Products That Work.

Study Design

  • 8 Weeks
  • Open-label Crossover Trial
  • 36 Women, Ages 18+
  • Observational

Results at a Glance

  • Less Heartburn & Anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • Relief from IBS Symptoms
  • Improved Quality of Life

Participants Had to Say

“I really enjoyed this product. As someone who can’t burp. I’ve really really struggled with digestion and gas after meals and within 20 minutes I felt the tension my stomach normally gets completely subside.”

“I have slept through the night every day I took Calm. After a year of not being able to shake my anxiousness at night time, it felt incredible to simply fall asleep, and all that I changed in my routine was taking Calm.”

“I am down a pant size! I am sure it’s because of the products. I am not sure if they should have kept me “regular” but going has become easier and less stressful. I saw consistent results and am very pleased. Thank you for this opportunity!”

“Calm was especially pleasant. I would take everything after my classes and that really took an edge off my day.”