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Our brains are wired to subconsciously react to the smell, sight, and thought of food with an increased secretion of saliva. However, in our busy days, these sensory cues are often missed. We need saliva to help chew and break down food, preparing it to be digested by the stomach and intestines. But before learning more about this concept, it’s important that we understand the process of digestion, in full. Keep reading to learn more about how our food is digested, why it’s important to prime our bodies before eating, and what we can do to optimize our digestion in order to leave us feeling our best.  
  • 6 min read
When Thanksgiving comes to mind, most of us get excited about our favorite fall dishes all being on one table. From the main event, the turkey (of course!), to stuffing, sweet potato casserole, roasted veggies, and obviously the dessert table, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, being grateful, and is all about the food. However, this indulgence is usually met with some uncomfortable symptoms: feeling bloated, overly full, uncomfortable, and in need of a quick power nap.
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Debloat and detoxify with our Arrae Bloat Latte paired with an
unsweetened extra dark cocoa, steamed almond milk, organic
coconut nectar, and topped with a cinnamon spiced vegan whip. 
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Stress often gets a bad rap, but it’s necessary for human functioning and survival. However, there is a fine line between necessary stress and too much stress. Feeling stressed out can have profound effects on overall health and wellbeing, including sleep. But, since stress and sleep are so deeply connected, when one is off-balance, the other is, too. This means that high stress levels can lead to a poorer quality of sleep, which, in turn, can increase stress levels, again. 
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Walking, specifically hot girl walks, are all the craze right now. We get it: lacing up your sneakers, grabbing a coffee, tuning in to your favorite podcast or audiobook, and getting in your steps makes us feel oh, so good. Walking is the most basic necessity; the upright configuration of our bodies were literally designed to help us walk! 
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When temperatures go down and the leaves begin to fall, we all know that pumpkin season is just around the corner. That means pumpkin spice lattes (there’s nothing like a hot girl walk with a PSL in hand), never enough fall-themed baking, and our favorite candles burning, their scent wafting through our home. 

Although, bloat doesn’t come and go with the seasons; unfortunately, it happens all-year round. Bloat Latte will be your newest favorite fall edition, whether it’s in your morning latte, your go to smoothie recipe, or even a fall favorite: pumpkin pie.

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In order to optimize digestion and feel our best, our bodies use naturally occurring digestive enzymes that are already present throughout these various organs. Digestive enzymes are released when we anticipate eating, smell or taste food, and begin and continue through the digestive process. 
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Sleep by Arrae is an all-natural, non-habit forming blend of four herbs and a neurotransmitter designed to promote deep sleep without any risk of dependence. Insomnia and disrupted sleep are common complaints among adults. It is estimated that 10-20% of US adults
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Research shows that the food we eat has a major impact on our entire body, especially how well our digestive system is working, and another function, sleep, has also been shown to be highly correlated with healthy digestion. This means that digestion and sleep go hand-in-hand; keep reading to learn more about what consequences this has for us, why we should use both Bloat and Sleep to maximize our health, and which ingredients help us do just that. How do we optimize both of these systems to feel our best?  
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Research is now showing that what we eat has a major impact on our body as a whole, including feeding the microorganisms that live in our gut. One of the most important bodily functions, sleep, is highly correlated with healthy digestive health. 

During sleep, our body repairs and regenerates itself, the brain stores information, and toxic waste is filtered and sent to our digestive system to be excreted. Hence, when we don’t sleep enough or when our quality of sleep is poor, our digestive system feels it, too.

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Let’s be honest: periods can be messy, painful, and get in the way of our cute, new white jeans. Not to mention, our heightened emotions and sensitivity can sometimes make us feel, well, crazy. But, menstruating monthly is a (very important!) indication that our reproductive system and our body as a whole is balanced and working as it should. Our hormones – yes, like those responsible for PMS – affect much more than just our period. They influence everything, from our energy levels to our cognitive state, our nutrient needs, our sex drive, our bloating, and the glow of our skin. 
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Most of us can tell when we don’t get a good night’s sleep; we feel tired, find it hard to focus, and need an extra coffee to beat the 4PM afternoon slump. But, have you ever noticed that your overall anxiety is higher on those days, too? Sleep and anxiety are highly interconnected and they both have direct systemic effects on the body.