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  • 7 min read
Capitalizing on both sleep hygiene and sexual health has major positive health implications; they both involve the mind and the body and are bidirectional, meaning they compound on one another. Most of us know the *bleh* feelings of a bad night’s sleep, and even thinking about adding in intimacy…forget about it! However, if we’re constantly sleeping poorly, our sexual health will suffer, too. 
  • 5 min read
In a perfect world, we’re able to easily catch some Zs by eliminating distractions, closing the blinds to create a dark cocoon, turning down the temperature, and following a consistent sleep and wake schedule. We logically know that sleep is vital for our body; it allows us to process information, create and store memories, replenish our tissues, and eliminate toxins. But, as most of us know, feeling refreshed upon waking is much easier said than done. 
  • 7 min read

Being a wellness “it girl” can look like: drinking enough water, eating a plentiful diet rich in whole, nutritious foods, moving our body on most days of the week, and practicing our self care routines. However, one major component often goes by the wayside. So major, in fact, that we would be unable to do any of the above without it! It's the one part of life that requires stillness, quiet, and darkness and provides our bodies with endless benefits. Any guesses?

It’s sleep!