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  • 3 min read
With the current pandemic, along with flu season and colder, winter temperatures, it’s no surprise that many of us are feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. Now more than ever, it’s important to nourish our bodies and strengthen our immune system. Before you go running to grab some EmergenC, make a stop at your local grocery store. There are various fruits and veggies, many of which you probably already eat, that can help us ward off the common cold, or make us feel better when we do get sick. 
  • 4 min read
With some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many of us are eager to book our next flight to a vacation destination far, far away. Whether you’re thinking about turning up the heat in the Caribbean or experiencing snowfall in the French Alps, one thing is for sure: you won’t want to worry about a grumpy gut. 
  • 5 min read
We all know the feeling of being too full: a stomachache, lethargy, gas pains. On days when it’s expected, like Thanksgiving and many special occasion days, we accept it, take a nap or chill on the couch, and move on. However, if you’re feeling this way on a regular basis, and find it hard to stop eating (even when you’re full), there could be more to the story. 
  • 4 min read
Have you been feeling down lately? Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, stress from school or work, or even Mercury Retrograde, we’re right there with you. We know it’s tempting to use food to feel better—Hi, emotional eating. These foods usually are high in sugars and fats,
  • 3 min read
Food is at the center of many of our activities, whether it be grabbing dinner with friends, cooking a meal with family, or scrolling on Instagram for recipe inspiration. However, what we eat and the way we eat can have drastic impacts on our physical, emotional, and even mental health.
  • 10 min read
For good reason, inflammation seems to be a hot topic these days. This is largely because after decades of research, wellness professionals are unveiling how systemic and extensive the effects of inflammation are on our health.