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  • 7 min read
Stress often gets a bad rap, but it’s necessary for human functioning and survival. However, there is a fine line between necessary stress and too much stress. Feeling stressed out can have profound effects on overall health and wellbeing, including sleep. But, since stress and sleep are so deeply connected, when one is off-balance, the other is, too. This means that high stress levels can lead to a poorer quality of sleep, which, in turn, can increase stress levels, again. 
  • 5 min read
Walking, specifically hot girl walks, are all the craze right now. We get it: lacing up your sneakers, grabbing a coffee, tuning in to your favorite podcast or audiobook, and getting in your steps makes us feel oh, so good. Walking is the most basic necessity; the upright configuration of our bodies were literally designed to help us walk! 
  • 3 min read
Tapping into our creative mind can boost our problem solving skills, improve our mood, and enhance our motivation. But, did you know that wellness can be a great way to spark our creativity, leading to happiness and better overall health? Wellness, which comes in many forms, stimulates our brain to release various chemicals, allows us to move our bodies in new ways, and opens the door to trying new things.
  • 4 min read
Our brains are powerful; they dictate our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors by using various neurotransmitters to communicate different signals, depending on various factors like mood, activity level, and stress. Our brains are split up into various parts, each having its own responsibility within our intricate neurological system. 
  • 3 min read
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so no wonder your anxiety levels may be increasing! There is a lot expected of us this time of year: holiday parties, cooking, hosting dinners, and buying gifts; It can all get overwhelming and start feeling like an impending anxiety attack instead of the holidays. With all of this increased stress comes a decrease in the time we take for ourselves, but self care is essential for getting us through, and more importantly, enjoying, the holiday cheer. 
  • 9 min read
Meditation, though perhaps once viewed as a mystical custom limited to those seeking spiritual enlightenment, is now seen as an important practice for anyone pursuing health and wellness. Though still practiced by some in a religious context, the value of meditation is now recognized by many secular communities as well.