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Can I have Arrae products while pregnant?

While there are no ingredients that are directly contraindicated during pregnancy, you should absolutely consult your doctor before taking any of our products.

Can I have Arrae products while breastfeeding?

There are a few ingredients in our products that are cautioned during breastfeeding because they may decrease milk production. To be safe, always speak to your doctor before taking any natural health products, including the products by Arrae.

Will Calm make me sleepy?

Calm does not have any sedating ingredients so it should not make you sleepy. Calm can be used to promote sleep by decreasing restlessness and mental stress, which helps you fall asleep without a sedating effect. 

How is Bloat different from a digestive enzyme?

A digestive enzyme can only be used for one purpose, which is to exert its enzymatic activity on the types of food it is specific for (for example: protease breaks down protein, lipase breaks down fat, amylase breaks down carbohydrates). Bloat includes a digestive enzyme but has four other ingredients that work on the digestive system in a different way.

Can I have Bloat if I’m having a probiotic?

Absolutely. Probiotics and Bloat serve two different functions. While it’s a probiotic’s job to help balance the friendly gut bacteria in your body, it’s Bloat’s job to eliminate any uncomfortable symptoms you feel after a meal. Bloat also contains a digestive enzyme, and together, probiotics and an enzyme work to keep your gut in tip-top shape.

Will Bloat help with period bloat?

Not directly, no. Period bloat is usually caused by the reproductive organs versus digestive organs. Bloat tackles various digestive concerns that will be causing discomfort. Some women do experience increased digestive difficulty during their periods so in those cases Bloat would be helpful. 

Do I need to take more than one Bloat capsule for it to be effective?

Yes. While you may experience some benefit from one capsule, there is significantly more benefit from taking two or three. Each capsule has a limited amount of space and to make sure we didn’t compromise on our ingredients, we had to put around one third of our desired doses in each capsule. When you take three, you will have the full effect that we were intending.

Do I take Bloat before or after my meal?

You can take it either before or after, it won’t change the efficacy. If you know the food you are going to be eating later will cause you trouble then you can definitely take it preventatively. If you are unsure, you can wait and see how you feel - if you need it, take it, it works quickly!

Can I have Calm if I'm having anxiety medication?

The ingredients in calm don’t directly interfere with the pathways that anxiety medications work on but the cumulative calming effect of both could be too much. It would be best to speak to your doctor about the safety of your specific medication with our anxiety capsules first, just to be safe.

Can I take Arrae products daily?

Yes you can. Both Bloat and Calm are safe to take every day.

Does Bloat contain any laxatives?

We are proudly laxative-free.

Do your products contain any fillers?

Our products are 100% filler-free. They are simply a blend of powdered herbs, minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients encapsulated in a vegan shell.

Where are you manufactured?

We are manufactured in a facility in Ontario, Canada which is GMP certified. Our ingredients are sourced from within North America.