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  • 5 min read
Walking, specifically hot girl walks, are all the craze right now. We get it: lacing up your sneakers, grabbing a coffee, tuning in to your favorite podcast or audiobook, and getting in your steps makes us feel oh, so good. Walking is the most basic necessity; the upright configuration of our bodies were literally designed to help us walk! 
  • 7 min read
As the temperature increases, so does our desire to travel someplace far, far away to feel the warmth of the sun and our toes in the sand. Or, for others, the idea of traveling to Europe to experience the rich history and fascinating architecture of ancient cities might be exactly what we had in mind. A good vacation, especially as the pandemic (hopefully!) comes to an end, is just what the doctor ordered.
  • 5 min read
Let’s face it: stress is a part of life! Sometimes, feeling stressed gives us that extra 'umph' we need to perform at our best, or gives us motivation to head to the gym or finally tackle that to-do list. But, have you ever known you have a million and one things to do, yet all you can think about doing is climbing into your bed, drifting off to sleep, and escaping reality for a little bit? Or you’ve tried to work on a project or brainstorm a list of ideas but you just feel “off” and not like yourself? This may be due to extreme emotional exhaustion, also known as burnout. 
  • 4 min read
When it comes to exercise, what you do before and after the gym is just as important as what you do during your workout. Stretching and activating your muscles pre-working out as well as taking time to stretch, rest, and recover after can all ensure that your body is ready for your next movement, whether it’s a long run, yoga, or a spin class.