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Back To School Anxiety Guide for Parents

Anxious about your child going back to school? You’re not alone. Studies show that 64% of parents feel anxietyahead of back to school season.
Here are 5 easy tipsto manage back to school anxiety, and feel prepared for the new school year.

1. Prepare

Going from sleeping in to prepping breakfast, snacks, and getting the kids out of bed can be overwhelming. The best way to have this not be a total shock is by preparing in advance. Use the last week of summer to create a bit more of a routine, from planning out meals in advance, to enforcing a bit more structure around bedtimes.

2. Prioritize high quality sleep

We often focus on regular bedtimes and wake up times, but what about ensuring that we are getting restorative, high-quality sleep that has us feeling refreshed in the morning? Arrae’s Sleep Alchemy Capsules are a melatonin-free blend of 4 herbs and a neurotransmitter that help with deep and REM sleep. 2 capsules an hour before sleeping will ensure you wake up feeling rested and never groggy.

3. Get together with friends

Organizing play dates for your kids and your friends’ kids helps take the nerves off going back to school - both for you and your kids.

4. Be your child’s cheerleader!

Make going back to school a positive experience for your child by having open conversations about it. For example, ask your child why they are excited to be going back to school, what they are most looking forward to, and what their aspirations are for the year. You may be pleasantly surprised by these conversations!

5. Focus on your ‘me’ time

Since the moment you found out you were expecting, all your attention has been hyper-focused on your child. This of course includes the summer, which is a time when we double down on our quality time with our kids. Now that your child is going back to school and you have some alone time between 8am and 3pm you can turn your attention inwards. Perhaps that means renewed goals for work, taking up a hobby, or finally getting time to organize the home. Point is, enjoy the extra hours that you now have.

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