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How to stop hitting the snooze button

Can’t help but hit the snooze button every morning?

You’re not alone. According to research, over half of working adults use the snooze button rather than waking up when their alarm goes off in the morning.

You may be wondering, “why do I keep hitting the snooze button?”. We can attribute this to sleep inertia, which is the groggy feeling you get immediately after waking up. We experience sleep inertia when we are sleep deprived, and/or not getting the quality of sleep we need. Here’s the thing: there are different stages of sleep, and in order to wake up feeling rested, we need to get the adequate about of time at each sleep stage. Sleep inertia is amplified when we are woken up from certain stages of sleep.

So what can you do? Here are 5 tips to help you stop hitting the snooze button:

1. Establish a consistent sleep/wake routine

This is a small and simple habit that reinforces the circadian rhythm, leading to more a optimized sleep cycle, and waking up feeling more energized.

2. Bed, bath and beyond

Next time your partner complains about your long baths, you can pull the science card. A hot shower/bath may feel luxurious, but did you know that it’s scientifically proven to be beneficial for sleep? The body prefers lower temperatures while sleeping, and taking a hot shower/bath before going to bed forces your body to reduce its internal temperature.

3. Ice, ice baby

Speaking of cooler temperatures, make sure your bedroom is as dark, cool, and quiet as possible.

4. Let there be light

Light exposure 30-60 minutes upon waking up in the morning further reinforces the circadian rhythm, helping achieve higher quality sleep at night.

5. Take Arrae Sleep Alchemy Capsules

This potent blend of 4 herbs and a neurotransmitter helps achieve high-quality, deep and REM sleep, without any morning grogginess.

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When we don’t get enough high quality sleep, our hormones can become off balance impacting both our mental and physical health. A good night’s sleep plays a critical role in digestion, emotional wellbeing, immunity, and disease prevention. Our Sleep Alchemy Capsules contain a natural blend of 4 herbs and a neurotransmitter, which were carefully chosen to interact synergistically and promote deep, uninterrupted sleep.

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Meet Siff, Co-Founder of Arrae

Siff used their personal experiences with their desire to
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“I’d struggled with health issues for years and turned to natural remedies as a last resort.
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Siff, Co-Founder of Arrae

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