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While you wait, check out why Arrae Constipation is the #1 choice for constipation relief.

5 Reasons Why Arrae Is The #1 Choice For Constipation Relief

Let’s face it... life’s little adjustments can send our bowel habits on a detour. From jet-setting and job stress, to diet changes and restless nights, 1/4 of us ladies struggle with constipation. And those backed-up blues come along with cramps, feeling sluggish, and time that feels wasted trying to 'go.'

The current solutions? A chalky, gritty fiber powder that’s hard to get down, or a harsh laxative that throws off your day. And here's the kicker...

Over 6 million laxatives are prescribed each year, but these only cover up symptoms without addressing the root cause.

But we're rolling out the hot pink toilet paper for your new natural solution for constipation relief, Arrae Constipation!

Let's explore the top 5 reasons why Arrae is the #1 choice for your #2:

1. Constipation Targets The Root Cause Of The Problem

Get the long-term relief you’ve been searching for with Arrae Constipation! While constipation is caused by a slow digestive system, Arrae's clinically-studied ingredients go to work in your gut to get things moving.

Our natural formula detoxifies your system and allows healthy bacteria to thrive, improving digestive health overtime. Say hello to daily bowel movements!

2. Constipation Has 5 Natural Ingredients

Arrae uses gentle, yet effective ingredients:

Actazin Kiwi Fruit → to support bowel regularity and reduce bloating

Magnesium Citrate → to draw water into the intestines

Triphala → to cleanse the colon and support detoxification

Flax Seed → to provide fiber that improves stool consistency

Aloe Vera Gel → to reduce inflammation and soothe the GI tract

These 5 organic ingredients are 100% natural with no added fillers.

3. Constipation Contains Zero Harsh Laxatives

Harsh laxatives mask the symptoms and cause the GI muscles to contract. The result? Unpleasant symptoms and emergency bathroom rushes. With consistent use, the body can become dependent on stimulant laxatives.

Arrae’s blend is safe for everyday use and non-habit forming. We designed our formula to ease constipation and heal the gut, so you can break free from the never-ending cycle.

4. Constipation Has No Side Effects

No more unpleasant side effects. Arrae Constipation provides gentle relief without the discomforts. Our ingredients work together to speed up protein breakdown and gastric emptying, reducing bloating and cramping.

You know that our goal is always for you to feel your best. So, trust us when we tell you that this product will deliver fast-acting relief without any unwanted side effects that hold you back.

5. Constipation Works Within 2-3 Weeks

While Arrae Constipation gets things moving overnight, our product is designed to provide the most benefits overtime. Get regular, reliable bowel movements within just 2-3 weeks. Take 2-3 capsules with a full glass of water at bedtime daily so you can ditch that backed up feeling for good!

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